IF IT DOESN'T LOAD (most times it's stuck at 0,76%) PLAY THE GAME BY CLICKING HERE

Magnetized is another take on the Super Mario 64 Minigame "Sort or 'Splode"
This game was made in 72 hours for the "GeoJam", hosted by the one and only Icoso. Go check his games out by clicking HERE.
(the game is geometric because it's pixel art but we admit we kind of forgot about the geometric aspect :[ )

Menu: Use your mouse to click buttons in the menu.

Game: Press "->" and "<-" or "A" and "D" to pick a side. Magnets will spawn and go towards the selected side. Sort each magnet In the corresponding side by sorting the blue magnet in the blue side and the red magnet in the red side.
You earn 100 points per correctly sorted magnet. If a blue magnet goes in the red side and vice-versa, you will lose 1000 points and 1 of 3 lives on the side where the magnet was wrongly sorted.
You lose when 20 magnets are on screen or when one of the two sides lose all their 3 lives.


RKI3000: Itch, Scratch, Pixilart
Kevin Eleven: itch, Youtube
Marrow: Twitter
Sakata: Itch, Twitter
Disappeared: (no links)


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i got 22200 nobs
this game is even epicer

Nice score!

Thanks for playing!

Im gonna destroy that score, MUAHAHA!!! Also the game is pretty ok, it's addictive.

Beat 60700 and you'll earn my respect >:)


i had fun with this game!! its really cool for competitions if you know what i mean haha. Anyways overall i think its a fun game!!! u guys did a really good job!!!!

Thank you Diss!


The game, is, intresting, I am supprised this was made in scratch of all things, and its, well, its currently impossible to loose pretty much, the game is too easy, the art feels kinda crude, it was an ok game overall

Thanks for the feedback


nice little game I enjoyed it ! it did remind of Mario 64 "Sort or 'Splode" and it was cool

Glad it reminded you of it :D


uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum nice game

thx ofariol :D